Back Online

September 2018 ยท 1 minute read

After a 4-year suspension, my personal website is back online again. To protect myself from being sentimental, I’ll keep this post as a note on how to setup the new website.

To save budget, I bought a VPS instance from Vultr. And here is my referral code: If you use the code to register, both you and me would get some money back.

I chose Hugo as the static site generator, and it’s easy to install. On Ubuntu 18.04, it’s simple as apt-get install hugo. Hugo has built a very successful ecosystem so tons of themes could be used for free, at Hugo Themes. After some comparison, I selected “Black & Light”, which as you could see, stands its name.

To serve those generated files, I use nginx, which is kind of the default choice today. Another default choice is using Let’s Encrypt for https support. The not-so-default choice is to use Dropbox Headless to do backups.

By the way, “source code” of this site could be accessed here. Feel free to peek into it.