ipfs-cluster Considered Unnecessary

September 2018 ยท 2 minute read

ipfs-cluster is a layer built upon IPFS, which defines its goal as “pinset orchestration”. More specifically, it uses raft algorithm to track IPFS peers and pinned file blocks, providing the ability to decide 1) how to split a large file into blocks 2) how these blocks are distributed among IPFS nodes and command those nodes to actually pin them. In ipfs-cluster, raft is backed by libp2p, a library abstracts out complex network topologies.

But after thinking for a while, I still can’t seem to find a suitable use case for it. In every scenario I could imagine, there’s a better solution. To elaborate my points:

Meanwhile, the functionality of ipfs-cluster intersects Filecoin, the core project in IPFS ecosystem, so I assume ipfs-cluster be a incubator project and finally replaced. But I might be wrong. If you have any thoughts, welcome to join the discussion here.